From June 1st to 4th, the ENDURUNS project, an international collaboration of researchers and companies from the EU, UK, and South Korea, proudly showcased its groundbreaking SUV and AUV vehicles at the prestigious Salone Nautico Venezia 2023. After a dedicated four-and-a-half-year journey of intensive research, innovation, and testing, the team was delighted to present its cutting-edge hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells developed by Hysytech, which powers these unmanned marine vehicles.

Amidst the excitement of the exhibition, the consortium gathered to strategize on upcoming demonstration campaigns slated to occur in Venice, Bari, and Klaipeda. The mission remains firm and ambitious – to develop an advanced, hybrid sea surveying system capable of executing diverse marine and oceanic missions, thereby bolstering scientific understanding as well as commercial and industrial efficiency and capability. Despite the national holiday in Italy, the devoted ENDURUNS team was diligently refining the final details for the forthcoming demonstrations of these innovative vehicles in the Venice Lagoon.

The journey has been challenging yet rewarding, culminating in the opportunity to participate in a key international maritime event like Salone Nautico Venezia 2023. It marks a significant milestone for ENDURUNS and a promising beacon for the future of marine exploration and preservation.